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Can the Sri Yantra be Created From the Om Sound?

The short answer is no. This is one of those urban legends that are so numerous on the Internet. The picture below was printed in the book "Yantra: The tantric symbol of cosmic unity". It supposedly has been created from translating the vibration of the Om sound into an image.


The caption at the bottom of the image says:

"Sri Yantra created in an electronic vibration field, an experiment in the translation of sound into vision. A similar experience is 'sensed' during ritual worship when the yantra pattern 'dematerializes', appearing to dissolve into a sound-pattern or vibration field of spoken mantras. Still from a film by ronald Nameth."

There is a science called Cymatics that is about the translation of sound vibrations into visible patterns. It is usually done by vibrating a fine powder or a liquid on a plate connected to a speaker. The images that can be produced with different frequencies are complex and beautiful and often look like mandalas. See pictures below.

Sound image Sound image

Patterns created in liquids with different frequencies.

This video shows what really happens when the sound OM in fed into a cymatic device.  

We see that the images are organic in style and have mostly rounded edges. No sharp angular corners as found in the Sri Yantra. The idea of creating a Sri Yantra out of the Om frequency is very charming but not very realistic.

Unfortunately this is the kind of statement that gets repeated over and over amd spreads like a virus thanks to the mindless copying of information on multiple website that wont take the time to verify the facts.

I have called the company that sells the video where this statement was made and they confirmed to me that this was a mistake. Busted! as the Myth Busters would say.

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