The pre-defined constraints make it easy to build a Sri Yantra. Use one or as many as five of the 21 pre-defined constraints. For the control freak we offer the possibility to shape any of the nine primary triangles with custom angles. In the interactive mode you can shape the Sri Yantra in real time. Move any of the five key lines and the program redraws a correct configuration immediately. The element coloring feature allows you to easily color any part of the Sri Yantra using the color picker bar. You first select the item you want to color in the list and then you click on the color picker to select the color. The color appears instantly in the Sri Yantra.  There is so much that can be done with flat colors. Let you creativity take off with gradient coloring. Get spectacular results with the easy interface that allows to color the Sri Yantra, the petals and the enclosure using gradients of your choice. Now that your masterpiece is complete you are ready to save it in any of the following formats: picture: jpg, gif, png, tiff vector: svg document: pdf web: html You can save your image in size 500 to 5000 pixels. Coloring with gradients Interface Layout Shaping with Constraints Interactive shaping Constraints reference guide Click on icons to zoom.
Shaping Coloring Saving Screen shots
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